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  E-mail Hosting

With our E-mail Hosting Solutions you can create and manage personalized email accounts based on your domain. We add various third-party and in-house developed solutions to guarantee you a secure, spam-free and lightning fast email experience. We will make sure that both your email and website run smoothly on our servers and that your website is safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else!

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All Accounts Feature:

World Class Support
Web Hosting Experts are available 24/7/365 to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Control Panel
You can manage your email from cPanel where you can create/delete accounts, set forwarders and auto-responders and more.

Easy Access
Your email will be easily accessible both through a webmail interface and through any email client you feel comfortable with. Webmail clients include: RoundCube, Horde, SquirrelMail. Compatible E-mail clients include: Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail.

Feature Rich
From the webmail interface you can set vacation replies, e-mail forwarding, turn on or off anti-spam and other features, configure e-mail fitlering, and much more. Your e-mail users will be able to configure most aspects of their account!

Safe & Secure
We use many methods to stop spam and our clients have reported 99% spam decrese! We use SpamAssassin and many of the worlds best RBL's to keep your inbox spam free. Every single e-mail is scanned for spam and scanned for viruses. With our E-mail Hosting Solution you can use secured send/receive protocols: SMTPs, POP3s and IMAPs.
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