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  Virtual Private Servers

VPS Hosting is the next level of performance that can be used in addition to, or in place of, your shared hosting to give you more power and better performance. VPS Hosting is a good fit for businesses or users who are experiencing rapid growth, heavy website traffic, or running complex applications.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) partition a physical server into multiple virtual servers that each have a protected and reserved amount of CPU, RAM, and Hard Drive resources. Unlike shared hosting, VPS instances do not compete against each other for these resources, therefore, a spike in resource demand among other VPS instances, will not lead to a performance decline in your website or database.

Select from the following operating systems: CentOS 5 (32/64), CentOS 6 (32/64), CentOS 7 (64 bit), Debian 6 (32/64), Debian 7 (32/64), Fedora 19 (32/64), Fedora 20 (32/64), Scientific Linux 6 (32/64), Suse 13.1 (32/64), Ubuntu 12 (32/64), Ubuntu 14 (32/64).

Available Locations:
United States: Atlanta GA, Phoenix AZ, Buffalo NY, Dallas TX, Chicago IL or Los Angeles CA.
Argentina: Buenos Aires

Our VPS Hosting has been moved to our sister company, Flux VPS -- Visit their website to sign up today.


All Accounts Feature:

Total Control
Unlike Shared hosting, you have control over your VPS. You have full root access to your virtual server. You can install any software you'd like. You can boot, reboot, shutdown, and uninstall from the control panel.

SolusVM Control Panel
Each VPS comes with a SolusVM VPS Control Panel which you can use to effortlessly control every aspect of your virtual server with ease. All without our assistance! Reinstalling, rebooting, shutting down, and managing your IP addresses isjust a few clicks away!

Help IS Available
Unmanaged doesn't mean you're abandoned. We're still here to keep you up and running. If you experience any network or hardware related issues, we'll always be here to help you.

Premium Infrastructure
We spare no expense for our clients. Our VPS nodes utilize a premium infrastructure comprised of high quality hardware, networks, enterprise Cisco gear, and more.

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