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Account Setup

How long does it take for my accoun to be set up after I pay?  Where is my welcome e-mail?  My account still shows as pending, but I paid!  Where are my log-in details?  Etc....

Accounts are usually set up right away, however there are instances where your account will not be set up right away. Instant account activation is netiher offered nor promissed.  To preserve the integrity and security of our systems, some accounts are flagged for manual review. This is an automated and sometimes random occurance.  It cannot be avoided.  Also, if you sign up in a location that is at or very near capaity, you will have to wait for capacity to be freed up.  It may take 24-48 hours for your account to be setup.  We will do our best to activate your account as soon as possibe, however NO refunds will be issued simply because you had to wait for your account to be set up.  We appreciate your patience and understanding that sometimes waiting is part of the process.

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